Brioche Gaiter in Camel Hair

Brioche Gaiter in Camel Hair by Ann Budd, from Interweave Knits Magazine, Fall 2003
Classic Elite Blithe, [100% baby camel],
color: cinnamon, 1 skein
US 7
October 2005
I made this for Daughter #1. She bought this yarn on sale (with her allowance, how cute) because it was so soft. However, we had a hard time finding something appropriate to do with just 1 skein of it. Luckily I stumbled across this pattern in IK which calls for this exact yarn. She tried the brioche stitch, but quickly got tired of it so I ended up knitting the majority of this item.

This is sized to fit over an adult-sized head, and would therefore be a little loose around an adult-sized neck (and even more loose around my daughter's neck, see pic above). You could probably tuck it in behind to make less gappy in front though.

This yarn is unbelievably soft. But it is also extremely fragile. It broke several times while I was knitting with it (and I was being extra gentle). It is like knitting with yarn made of dryer fluff, but in a good way. ;-)

This gaiter is basically just a tube of brioche stitch worked in the round. When worked in the round, brioche stitch is a little more complicated than when knit flat. Here you have to alternate two different rows: one being the normal brioche st (yo, sl 1 purlwise, k2tog) and the other being (p2tog, yo, sl 1 purlwise).