Oceany-Colored Scarf

My own
2 full balls ribbon yarn, 2.5 balls eyelash yarn, <1 ball fluffy yarn (I don't remember what yarns I used and I can't find the ball bands)
US ?
December 2003
Has the style of a decorative scarf, but the width of a wintery scarf. Hmmm, I'm not sure that's a good thing.
This scarf has a border of fluffy blue yarn (4 rows garter st at top and bottom, and 1 st in garter along edge). The center of the scarf was knit in seed stitch with the ribbon and eyelash held together. I had to twist the fluffy yarn with the ribbon/eyelash yarns at the start and end of every stinking row. Not fun.

This scarf was a Christmas present for Sister#2. She asked for "oceany" colors, and this was the best I could do at the time.
I did not enjoy making it since I had too many balls going at once and they kept getting tangled. Also, this was my first time knitting with ribbon and I found it highly annoying the way it got all twisted.