Purple Felted Bowl

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The Large Bowl in the Mancala pattern at Knitty
Manos del Uruguay [100% wool],
color: 38 (dark purple), <1 ball
US 15 (used with the yarn doubled)
Finished Size:
3" high by 6" wide
I accidentally left off the attached i-cord edge.
February 2007
I felted the crap out of this bowl and it came out pretty thick and sturdy. Interestingly, the felted fabric seems to have a sort of "boucle" surface. I wonder if this has something to do with the fact that this is a thick & thin yarn. I'm guessing that the thicker yarn sections turned into the boucle "bumps" when felted. Anyway, it's a cool effect.

click for bigger picturecloseup of the bumpy texture

I shaped the bowl by stretching it tightly over a glass bowl. The bowl had slight vertical ridges on the outside and a sharply defined bottom ridge. It's funny that I can kind of see the ridges in the dried bowl and I can definitely see an indent from the bottom ridge in the bottom of the bowl. So next time, I'll have to find a different bowl for the shaping and drying.

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The edge of the bowl is a little more lumpy and crooked than I would like. I bet if I had made the i-cord edge, it wouldn't have partially curled in like it did. I'll try that next time.