Stuffed Sea Lion
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Stuffed Sea Lion from World of Knitted Toys
Frog Tree Alpaca, [100% alpaca ]
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July 2005
I made this stuffed animal for Daughter#2. I think it came out well, although it was kind of a pain to make. The knitting part was very quick, but it took a while to sew it all together, stuff it, position the eyes properly, embroider a nose, sew lines on the flipper thingies, etc. Entirely too much fussy work for me.
Also, I was a little disappointed that although I thought I was knitting this at a tight gauge, the white fiberfill still shows through somewhat. However, my daughter loves it, and that's what's important, right?
This book has TONS of cute stuffed animals in it though, so if you like sewing little things together, you may want to check it out.

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Blogger Jessy said...

that is adorable. makes me wish i knew how to knit!

10/06/2008 9:57 PM