Crocheted Garden Scarf

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Garden Scarf by Michelle Ameron from The Happy Hooker
Cascade 220, [100% wool],
colors: purple (7811), green (2445), mustard yellow (4010), <1 ball each
H/8 (5.0mm)
I made 19 flowers, each about 3.5" in diameter. The pattern said to make 14 4.5" diam flowers, but mine were much smaller so I had to make more.
March 2006

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This was my first crochet project (not counting the ugly dishcloth). I enjoyed making the flowers at first, but then I stopped looking at the directions as much and immediately got into trouble. Since there are two types of flowers that are made differently, I kept losing track of whether I was doing 2 dc or a dc, tr, dc in the petal area. I found that switching to assembly-line style and making all of one type of flower first and then all of the other type, helped it go quicker with less confusion. Then I did the joining parts at the end. And what a drag it was sewing in all those ends. But, I do think that weaving in ends is easier in crochet than knitting. At least you have a thicker fabric in which to hide to the yarn.

I think there's an error in this pattern. I looked in the errata online and it wasn't there though. The written-out directions for the joining round of Flower C are missing two instances of "sc, hdc" that are shown in the chart for the flower. I went with the chart, because it was consistent with the rest of the flower.

click for bigger pictureDaughter#1 modeling the Garden Scarf

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