Ugly Purple Jaywalkers

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Jaywalker by Grumperina, from MagKnits Sept 2005
Plymouth Sockotta, [45%cotton, 40% superwash wool, 15% nylon],
color: 26 (purple with black & brown), <1 ball
US 1
large size in the pattern
I added an extra decrease round to the gusset to make the foot part narrower. I also changed the toe slightly to make the transition from the pattern section to the stockinette toe section smoother. Also, I used my asymmetrical toe shaping.
May 2007
I don't know what I was thinking when I bought this yarn. It is truly hideous. I thought the Jaywalker pattern might make the yarn look better, but no such luck. Anyhow, I pawned them off on Sister#2. She said they weren't too bad. I think she was just being nice.

click for bigger pictureas modeled by Daughter#1

click for bigger picturehere you can see the heel stitch on the heel flap

click for bigger picturedetail view of the cuff, which flares slightly where the ribbing meets the stitch pattern (but it is not really noticeable when worn)



Blogger MadMad said...

I tracked these down (trekked them down, heh, heh) to see why you thought they were so ugly... I don't think they are! (Maybe the colors look different in person, but on my computer they look good - and I like the cuff, too. Very pretty.) I have yet to make jaywalkers (probably the only knitter in America who hasn't...) Oh well.

8/02/2007 8:53 PM